500 Startups Batch 20 Alumni,
Software Engineer.

I'm the geek who's
cu7ious about tech
I love C, JavaScript
and Python
React.js and Redux.js
React.js & Redux.js
big fan
Automation of routines
is my passion
Node.js and NPM
Node & NPM allows me
to use JS on server
Redis and MongoDB
NoSQL DBs are my
favorite DBs
Command Line
I’m a command line
Linux and Mac OS
So I like *nix Operating
As well as VIM editor
(and mode)
I have an 👁 for design
In my free time
I run marathons & explore San Francisco

My Works

SentiSum Dashboard

Full Stack Lead.

  • Back End Architecture
  • Front End Architecture
  • Project Conceptualization
  • Led the Team of 4 Engineers
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Zentist Machine

Senior Front End.

  • Led the Remote Team of 10 People
  • Fix Front End Build Process
  • Migrate Product to React.js
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MotoPress Content Editor

Full Stack Fellow.

  • Product Architecture
  • Conceptualization of Products
  • Continuous Delivery Scenarios
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Get in touch with me

LinkedIn contact@cu7io.us Twitter